Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to my Sunroom

Welcome to my sunroom!  I was just getting ready to do some sewing and I thought why not show you my computer/sewing/watching TV/reading room!  Our sunroom is on the back of our home just off the master bedroom.  We have a family room down stairs so this is just a little spot for my husband and I generally.

This is the view as you enter the room.

This is my desk and computer--where I am sitting right now.

This is the middle of the room as you circle around.  Windows are on all three sides of the room.  I have the shades drawn on several of the windows right now.  We added bookcases under the windows on two sides of the room.  I think that was the very first home project after we moved in.  We have always had lots of books!

This is the opposite end of the room where I have my sewing table.

The enclosed book cases at this end of the room store all my sewing things--or most of them anyway!  I do use this sewing machine.  It is the featherweight I learned on, but I do have a more modern machine I am going to pull out as soon as I finish this blog.

My husband 's closet is in this room--and I am not going to show you the closet doors because they need polishing in the worst way!  So as you come around the room this wall is against our bedroom.  (I can see I really need to change that light switch!)  All of the art on this wall was done by family members.  The black and white hooked  piece is me when I was three.  My mom made it.  
The water color on the top left was done by my daughter and the oil painting of the gentleman was done by my grandfather.  I think everything else show up too small to appreciate.

If you look up to the ceiling it is sloped.  Years ago I talked my older daughter into painting birds and clouds on the ceiling.  It is had to get from these pictures but this room has a very outdoorsy feel because of all the windows.  I love her birds.  (Painting on the ceiling isn't easy so I have never been able to talk her into adding more!)

Just another view closer to the corner.  I have a shelf that runs above where my desk is and that is where this picture was taken.

This is my view today.  It is raining hard here. The perfect weather to get some sewing done!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh Paula your home is just so beautiful just like you girl..just says warmth...Now girl I have that sewing machine belong to my Mama and its great for heavy fabric...also have 2 others machines I use...can't you belive I still have my Singer 2001 machine that came out in the 80's and it still works..Are you working on yet another great quilt?? and its been raing here also all day...I guess Ca. is a wet state today which we need..Those those chairs and wonderful Art work...thanks for showning yet another room in your beautiful home...May you have a fun day sewing...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria Oh thanks for coming by..

  2. What a wonderful space to spend time and get some work done. The artwork is really special having been done by family members. Enjoyed the paintings on your ceiling.

  3. Hi Paula! Love your sunroom -- I am doing a post right now about our sunroom here, but I'm way late doing it because my husband worked from home today -- 8-inches of snow and he decided not to go into Manhattan but telecommute. But that meant he needed MY computer!

    What a great old sewing machine. My daughter Anne, who is studying to be a theatrical costume designer, has an old treadle machine in an oak table that she uses as her nightstand, but it's her 2008 Juki that she uses to really sew! I use my old Kenmores, no glamour but lots of guts!

    I'm debating about curtains in my own sunroom; right now we have nothing, and it gets a little eerie at night. Let's look at one another's sunrooms and consult!

    Talk to you soon -- Cass

  4. Thanks for stopping by my litte place! I love that you have the old sewing machine- do you use it? I have an old singer treadle - My son made a little quilt with it when he was about 10 years old but I have never sewn with it- it might be fun to try something using it!

    I love those bookshelves below the windows- what a great idea!

    You home is truly lovely- thank you so much for sharing it with us!!


  5. I love your sunroom! I have a room we call the sunroom too, but it doesn't get nearly the sun you have!!!! And all your storage is amazing. I am so envious that you have such a well-lit sewing area. I love to sew and rarely get to anymore. This working full time cuts into my fun time too much. I have my sewing machine set up in a dark corner of my bedroom so even when I have the time, it is so much of a hassel.
    Your view of your yard made me gasp! It is so beautiful. I love the lined pathways. Love your whole blog!!!! :D Jewel

  6. Paula you house is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen! The attention to detail is incredible. It just oozes old fashioned comfort and charm! When my house grows up I want it to be just like yours! *winks* Girl if anyone should have a chandy in every room it's you!! Your house is the PERFECT home for any chandelier!! If you do put one up in the LR I wanna see it!....Pretty please!! Vanna

  7. That sunroom is fantastic! And how fortunate that your daughter is such a good artist! Mine is too, and it surely is fun. You know what - we have ladderback chairs just like the one in the picture. Got them with our kitchen table 40 years ago! Linda

  8. Paula dear there is no doubt you have one of the most lovley homes I have ever seen. I adore the birds your daughter painted for you too, she has such skill and talent. Is she a professional artist? Just love the little personality of those little guys. Such a lovely view of your yard, what a wonderful place to sew and blog. Thank-you again for sharing this wonderful place with us. Love, cindy

  9. Paula, what a beautiful retreat. Your room screams warmth and charm. Your daughters talent is remarkable. You have such a beautiful view while sewing. I've truly enjoyed another room of your lovely home.. Yes, animals are just too funny. Miss Scooter just went to the groomers and she's a snuggle bunny now.the temperatures are just too cold for her bless her heart.. tomorrow promises to be in the upper 70's so she'll be more comfortable. hugs ~lynne~

  10. Hi Paula, what a great post of the sunroom and ladies it is so much more beautiful in person if you can believe,yes it does get better.So warm and inviting just like the lady of the house, my dear friend Paula.I love the view of the yard,the boxwoods are doing great. Hugs Kathysue

  11. What a gorgeous sunroom! Love it!! If Kathysue says it's even more beautiful in person, then it must be!! Have a great week!...Debbie

  12. That looks like a pleasant room to spend some time.