Sunday, May 3, 2009

Little Accomplishments

Thank you to Susan for hosting Metamorphosis Monday.  It has been a bit crazy around here.  I had many projects to chose from the  last couple weeks that would be ideal for Metamorphosis Monday, my only problem was that none of them were very interesting.  First there was the leak in my laundry room ceiling where we  had to have the roof repaired and the ceiling in the laundry room replaced.  Then there was the repainting on the exterior of the house where we had the downspout moved and it left  a horrible grey mark, and then there were the plants we needed to replace because my adorable puppy ate them...  You get the picture.  So I am not sharing dramatic changes today, just a simple little improvement, that is much more fun to share!

Kathysue and I did  a little treasure hunting one day down in San Jose.  For those of you who don't know Kathysue, she is known for her fondness of beautiful lighting and unique beautiful lamps.  Hardly a shopping excursion goes by that we don't find the perfect lamp for one of her rooms (much to the chagrin of her husband - who is a darling by the way).  At any rate, I found two of these bird lamps that look lovely in my sunroom.  Unfortunately, they don't photograph well in there so I moved this one to the dining room just temporarily.  I don't think these pictures really do them justice.  For those of you in the area, we went to a resale warehouse  that is only open once a month.  It is called Move it elsewhere.  They have a website by the same name where you can get all the details about their future sales.

Oops!  I wish you could see more of the base of this lamp.  -- You have no idea what an improvement these lamps are.  I had boring old lamps before.  They had no personality and definitely didn't add anything. My sunroom is off the master bedroom and only family sees it.   I am sure you know how these areas of the house get ignored.   This is the room with the birds painted on the ceiling overhead and we have recently added a new pet canary (that sings beautifully) to the room also.  My new bird lamps fit right in and best of all they didn't break the bank! 

Other projects I have been up to----

Here is one little square....

and this is what it looks like so far.  They are all 50's style dress embroidered on muslin.   This is one of my works still in progress....

This is a quilt I completed a couple weeks ago for my son and daughter-in-law on the occasion of their first wedding anniversary.  Her favorite colors are red and white.

This is a close up.

Best of all they liked it.  I put a crazy square on the back embroidered  with all sorts of memorabilia from how they met to their wedding.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day!